Turn WordPress Email from Drab to Fab

Feel like your WordPress emails are just disappearing into the ether?

No responses, no engagement – it’s like shouting into a void, isn’t it?
We know the problem, and it is not your content.

Your emails just need some sparkle to stand out.

Unleash Your Inner Email Picasso

Rooted in our profound understanding and extensive WordPress development experience, PrettyEmail has been crafted to be user-friendly, efficient, and intuitively easy- to -use.

Create Various Email Templates

  • Store emails
  • Newsletters
  • Account-related emails
  • Administrative notifications from Notification

Draw from Your Page to Boost Your Emails

  • Display your store’s products using a custom block in a grid or list styles to boost sales and engagement.
  • Add a custom block with blog articles in the grid or list layouts to promote your latest content.

Want to be first at launch?

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Email Templates & Customizer

 No more settling for bland and one-size-fits-all templates!

 With Pretty Email features you can craft stunning emails that genuinely stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Multiple Template Creation

Easily create various email templates for different purposes, ensuring a cohesive look across all your email communications.

Perfect Designs

Achieve professional and visually appealing designs using the intuitive Gutenberg editor and custom blocks provided by the plugin.

WordPress Content Extraction

Define slots within your email templates to insert dynamic content, ensuring that your emails stay relevant and engaging.

Dynamic Content Slots

Seamlessly extract content from your WordPress site, such as a list of posts, to include in your email templates.

Who created the PrettyEmail plugin?

It’s the skilled team at BracketSpace, a household brand in WordPress plugin development.

The creators of Notification, revolutionizing personalization for a multitude of WordPress users, and Advanced Cron Manager, the go-to tool for solving Cron-related puzzles.

Frequently Asked Question

PrettyEmail is a standalone WordPress plugin designed to help you create and manage stunning, personalized email templates using the Gutenberg editor and custom blocks.

PrettyEmail is perfect for any WordPress user looking to send out beautifully designed emails. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or site admin, if you send emails from WordPress, PrettyEmail can make them better.

Absolutely not. PrettyEmail is designed to be user-friendly. You can create and customize emails just like editing a WordPress post, thanks to the Gutenberg editor integration.

Yes, PrettyEmail integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site, enabling you to define dynamic content slots within your templates for automated emails.

With PrettyEmail, you can create visually appealing and personalized emails that stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes. This can lead to higher engagement rates and better user experience.

PrettyEmail is currently under development and expected to launch soon. To stay updated, join our waitlist, and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s available.

Absolutely! With PrettyEmail, you can add a custom block with blog articles or display your store’s products in grid or list styles to promote your latest content or boost sales.

Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you. You can reach out to us through our contact form on the website, and we’ll assist you with any concerns you may have.

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